samedi 09 juillet 2016

André Gunthert



dimanche 27 mars 2016

Miquel Barceló

Dans le blog de Zoé Balthus (26:3.2016) :

Zoé Balthus – L'an dernier lorsque nous nous sommes vus, tu exposais L'Inassèchement chez Thaddaeus Ropac, et tu m'avais annoncée cette double exposition à la Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) et au musée Picasso. Pour ce dernier, tu me disais que l'idée était intimidante. Qu'en est-il à présent ?

Miquel Barceló – Finalement, j'ai pris la chose avec naturel, sans me poser de questions. Ca va. Il fallait d'abord oser le faire, et une fois le pas franchi, il reste ce que je fais, la tauromachie, les animaux à cornes, ces choses que Picasso a fait toute sa vie... je fais ça aussi sans être dans le pastiche, alors pourquoi pas ? Il vaut mieux être naturel, pas besoin d'accrocher ses tableaux à l'envers. D'autant que le musée est si près de mon atelier ! (Rires)


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lundi 14 mars 2016

Fra Filippo Lippi

Giorgio Vasari, "Fra Filippo Lippi" in The Lives :

It is said that he [Fra Filippo Lippi] was so amorous, that, if he saw any women who pleased him, and if they were to be won, he would give all his possessions to win them; and if he could in no way do this, he would paint their portraits and cool the flame of his love by reasoning with himself. So much a slave was he to this appetite, that when he was in this humour he gave little or no attention to the works that he had undertaken; wherefore on one occasion Cosimo de’ Medici, having commissioned him to paint a picture, shut him up in his own house, in order that he might not go out and waste his time; but after “staying there for two whole days, being driven forth by his amorous—nay, beastly—passion, one night he cut some ropes out of his bed-sheets with a pair of scissors and let himself down from a window, and then abandoned himself for many days to his pleasures. Thereupon, since he could not be found, Cosimo sent out to look for him, and finally brought him back to his labour; and thenceforward Cosimo gave him liberty to go out when he pleased, repenting greatly that he had previously shut him up, when he thought of his madness and of the danger that he might run. For this reason he strove to keep a hold on him for the future by kindnesses; and so he was served by Filippo with greater readiness, and was wont to say that the virtues of rare minds were celestial beings, and not slavish hacks.

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